Terms & Conditions

  • Kindly note that, all our services we provide are chargeable 100% in advance.
  • Once the payout is done the services as per the solution requested will be offered to you.
  • Aksinfo.com is a  firm owned by Ankur Savai. There are no other partners or members associated, any claim made by any one else stating owner of aksinfo.com , Aksinfo shall not be responsible for such loss due to wrong identity misusing Aksinfo name.
  • Any business pertaining to gambling, drugs , escorts and illegal shall not be entertained by Aksinfo and such websites shall be suspended to immediate action.
  • Aksinfo reserves rights to increase the billing rates due to delay in time duration and submissions of work and documents from clients.
  • Additional Charges apply if you want us to work whole night and finish your work to ensure your deadlines do not miss. This is due to clients giving work at last moment and putting pressure to finish the task.
  • We have the right to change the quotation amount  due to increase in work at any point of time.
  • Domain Renewal Terms : If you pay late for renewal fees, the internet domain cache showing expiry page will take 48 hours to clear. In this the website may not appear in your pc but will be available elsewhere. The internet dns cache is controlled by your local isp, once renewal is done from ourside it may take 2 days for website to appear. Aksinfo shall not be responsible for any loss incurred to you in this, you have to prepay the amount for domain name renewal for 2nd year in advance. We recommend you to renew domain for 5 to 9 years period.
  • We reserve the right to suspend your websites due to non payment.